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We’ll help you find the best monthly payment catalogue or the best pay weekly catalogue, so you can spread out the cost of your purchases into manageable payments.

Instant credit catalogues don’t check your credit and give you credit right away. They are also called catalogues for bad credit because they accept people with bad credit history.

In the UK, no credit check catalogues offer flexible credit checking criteria, allowing individuals with a very bad credit rating to shop online without the worry of being rejected. These catalogues provide a convenient way for individuals to access the products they need through online shopping.

There are many bad credit catalogues in the UK that cater to individuals with poor credit ratings. These catalogues offer the flexibility to pay online and shop through their catalogue sites, providing access to a wide range of products from many catalogue companies.

Use your credit or debit card to buy now pay later at weekly catalogues
Buy now pay later with low credit score and no credit check


Zilch is a new company that offers buy now pay later solutions. When you join Zilch, you get up to £200 credit for free for six weeks. They don’t charge interest. Instead, they make money when you shop at one of their 5,500 stores.

Sunshine Mobile

Sunshine Mobile is a company in the UK that offers mobile phone contracts, even if you have a bad credit history. They don’t check your credit, so you can get the latest phone models like the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. This one makes it to the list of bad credit catalogues because they cater for people with low credit score. As long as you can meet the minimum payment, you will qualify.

Interest free periods and no credit checks
Interest free periods and no credit checks

Dial a TV

Dial a TV is a company that rents out household electronics and mobile phones. You can rent products and then buy them over time with affordable monthly or weekly payments. And if anything goes wrong, Dial a TV will fix it for free. They have been in business for over 25 years and offer low prices with an APR of 4.5%.


Bonprix is an online catalogue that sells fashion for women, men, and kids. They offer a 25% discount and free delivery for new customers. They have a representative APR of 34.9%, which is lower than other online retailers.


Marisota also makes it in the top list of no credit check catalogues for plus-size women. They sell dresses, skirts, trousers, and more. You can spread out the cost of your purchases over monthly payments and you can pay from your bank account.


Freemans is an online store that offers credit accounts to purchase online fashion for everyone and household items. They have been around since 1905 and offer a 25% discount on your first order. They have a representative APR of 34.9% and a credit line that is convenient for people with low credit scores.


Kaleidoscope is a website where you can buy different kinds of things, like clothes and things for your home, at a cheaper price. They are famous for having fancy clothes for women. If you buy from them for the first time, they will give you 25% off and free shipping.

What is the interest rate for borrowing money from them?

If you want to buy something but don’t have enough money right now, you can pay for it later. Kaleidoscope lets you do this, but you will have to pay some extra money because of the interest. The interest rate is 34.9%.

Catalogue purchases with bad credit score and bad credit rating
Catalogue purchases with bad credit score and bad credit rating


Curvissa is a website that sells clothes for women who wear bigger sizes. They have over 3000 clothes in sizes 14 to 32. If you open a new account with them, they will give you a 30% discount and free shipping on your first order.

What is the interest rate for borrowing money from them?

The interest rate for borrowing money from Curvissa is also 34.9%.


Jacamo is a website where you can buy clothes for men. They have a lot of clothes to choose from. If you want to buy something but can’t pay for it all at once, you can pay for it in parts. After 28 days, you will get a bill and you can choose to pay just the minimum or all of it. If you pay on time, you will get some extra bonuses.

Fashion World

Fashion World is a website that has been around for over 10 years. They sell all kinds of fancy clothes for different occasions. If you can’t pay for everything at once, you can pay for it in parts each month. They also guarantee next-day delivery.

Catalogues for People with Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, it may be harder for you to find a catalogue to buy from. You can try some popular catalogues like Littlewoods and Very first. If they say no, then you can try catalogues for people with bad credit, but they might charge you more.

Buy now pay later with low credit score and no credit check
Buy now pay later with low credit score and no credit check

Instant Approval and Credit

Most catalogues will tell you right away if you can buy from them using their credit option. But you have to be 18 or older to do this. This means that you are responsible and can be taken to court if there are any problems.

Pay Monthly Catalogues

When you have been approved for a catalogue, you won’t have to pay anything right away. You can buy things now and pay for them later. This is a special chance given to you by the company, even if you’ve had some trouble with credit in the past.

Your First Catalogue Order

Some online catalogues might cancel your first big order or any order you try to place to a different address than your home, just to make sure it’s not fraud. They might ask for a small payment first or have you make a smaller order at first. But once you have made your first payment, your big order should go through.


Most home shopping catalogues now offer next-day delivery, but it might cost more. You can have your order sent to your home, work, or any other address. Some companies might only let you have your first order sent to your home for security reasons. If you order a big or heavy item, it might come directly from the maker and take a few days to get to you. The company will give the maker your phone number so they can arrange a good time for delivery.

Home Approval

One great thing about pay monthly catalogues is that you can spread the cost of your purchases. And you also have a “home approval” guarantee on most items. This means you can return anything you don’t like or that doesn’t work for you. Some items, like hygiene or copyright items, can’t be returned, but it will say so on the website.

Returning Items

When you get your order, there will be a form inside for you to fill out if you want to return anything.

Extended Warranties

The things you buy through the catalogue will come with a warranty from the maker. You can also get an extra warranty from the catalogue company. This can help if something breaks and you need it fixed. Some catalogue companies also offer extra protection in case something gets damaged by accident. You can ask the company if this is something you might want.

Credit Limits

When you have a pay monthly catalogue account, there will be a limit to how much you can owe at any time. This is called your “credit limit”. Your company might ask you to change your first order or pay a little bit of it, depending on your credit limit. Your limit might go up or down at any time, but if you make all your payments on time for at least six months, you might be able to get a higher limit.

Catalogue Credit Scoring

Catalogue companies will look at how you’ve handled credit in the past and how many times you’ve applied for it using information provided by a credit reference agency. This will affect whether you get approved for a pay monthly catalogue account.

People with low debt and a good history of making payments on time will have a better chance of getting approved. If you have poor credit rating, you likely won’t meet the credit checking criteria.

Different credit check catalogue companies have different policies, so even if you have trouble getting your catalogue credit account on one particular catalogue, another might say yes. And finally, the company will check to make sure there’s no fraud.

Online Catalogue Shopping with Buy Now Pay Later


Do you need some new clothes? There are lots of catalogues in the UK that sell all kinds of clothes, including clothes for petite women, plus size women, older women, and men.


Do you want to buy some cool tech stuff like video games, computers, TV’s, phones, tablets or cameras? There are catalogues that let you pay every week or every month, or even let you buy now and pay later.


Need a new oven, cooker, or washing machine? There are some shopping online catalogues in the UK that help you buy them by letting you pay in smaller amounts over time with diverse payment options.


Did you just move into a new home? You can buy sofas, beds and wardrobes from a catalogue in the UK and pay for them later. Some catalogues even let you pay nothing for up to 3 years once you created your personal account and you find out your catalogue credit limits.

What if I have No Credit History?

Some people have never borrowed money before, so they don’t have a credit history. This means that lenders don’t have any information about how responsible they are with money. Some lenders might not like this and not let them borrow money.

If you’re one of these people, you can try looking for a catalogue that doesn’t check your credit history. But be careful, these catalogues might charge you very high interest rates and still ask for your bank statements.

What is Bad Credit?

Bad credit means that in the past you had trouble paying back the money you borrowed. For example, you might have missed payments on your credit card or mortgage. Sometimes it could be a mistake on your credit file.

If you have a bad credit history, it might be hard for you to get approved for credit. But don’t worry, there are bad credit catalogue alternatives that are more lenient and might still let you buy things even if you have a low credit rating.

Spread the Cost or Pay Later?

When you’re buying things from a catalogue, you have different options for how to pay. You can either pay in smaller amounts every week or every month, or you can buy now and pay later.

Most catalogues have a payment plan where you can spread the cost of what you’re buying over time. This means you pay a little bit every week or every month until you’ve paid for it all.

Some catalogues also have a “buy now and pay later” option for bigger items like sofas and beds. This means you don’t have to pay anything for up to 3 years, and sometimes you don’t even have to pay any interest during this time!